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Alexander Kosyra is KosyMo Modellbau:

Hello - nice that you are interested in my website. My name is Alexander Kosyra. I was born in Munich in 1969, but have now been living in Fürstenfeldbruck with my family for a number of years.

I came to model making through my uncle. He is a fan of classic functional model making and gave me my first models, a Junkers 52 and a Sikorsky helicopter, in 2014. Both models were still far from the final stage in terms of construction progress. Uncle's words "You can do it!" I took to heart and actually made it. This laid the foundation stone and sparked the passion for model making.

However, from my point of view, the Onkel aircraft was a little trivial - and above all a little too widespread. Because as an avowed science fiction fan it had to go a little beyond the earthly atmosphere: it should be spaceships! Those from well-known films or series! The bigger the better.

As a result, my first “own” model was the “Venator-Class” from Revell. But the simple gluing together according to the blueprint was too boring for me! My models should be alive - and they should shine! So I dealt with LED technology and acquired the necessary knowledge on my own. Finally, feeling safe enough, I drilled the first of thousands of holes in my model to bring light to life.

Incidentally, I have continued to develop this technology over the years: In addition to the simple LEDs, there were sophisticated controls for the effects and various sound modules.

The “Venator” should not remain the only model in my “fleet”: there are now more than twenty famous models from film and television, each of which is absolutely unique.

Until now I had mainly glued, soldered and milled for myself, 2015 brought a new passion: The first model building days took place in my place of residence. There was a lot of everything there - but not a single lighted sci-fi model. My hint made the organizers thoughtful and made me an exhibitor the following year.

Since then, my models have been an integral part of this annual exhibition - and the stand is growing continuously. But you can not only find me in 'FFB'. In the meantime I am practically internationally traveling. You can find where you can meet me under "Dates". I would be very happy if you stopped by.

Very warm greetings



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